2011 Porsche Cayenne US price

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The all new Cayenne will start at just over $46 000 in the US.
And it’s not bad.
I just saw the Cayenne in person yesterday for the first time, and it looks really good.
But better and more upscale than the current model.

$46 000 isn’t much more than a Grand Cherokee. And the “base” engine still produces 300hp.

The 380hp Hyprid has a crazy pricetag of over $67 000.

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  1. Yeah, I'd take this over a Grand Cherokee any day of the week. Base V6 or not, at least it is a quality vehicle.

  2. Left Lane News just tested the All- New Infiniti Direct Injected V-8 QX 56. They say its the Best Full SUV out there!

  3. That's on par with the BMW X5. But with the BMW you don't have to apologize for being a fancy VW.

  4. I actually think the base price has a crazy price tag, n the hybrid mod is more befitting. I dont think porsches, this big, should be selling for less than 50K, even though their first attempt was only exciting bcuz it was a 'porsche' suv [the design sucked…this one also cldve been better!] Though, definitely dont mind payin as little for something as possible right?! Just think its a little insulting is all.

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