2012 Buick compact sedan

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These are official patent drawings of the all new “sub-Regal” small Buick sedan for next year.

Funny to see how bad these drawings are…
This is the Chinese version: The Buick Excelle. Showing pretty much the same thing as the patent drawings…
 Our US version will not use the name Excelle. 
We’ll know more on that very soon.

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  1. This car is like the Chevy Cruze, it won't be out for 2 years and already I am bored with it. With the great designs from Hyundai, Kia and Ford, Buick should have done something to make this car a lot more exciting.

  2. I honestly couldn't care less.

    Just like another poster commented, this vehicle is already dated and it hasn't even been released. GM, always behind the ball.

  3. I like the looks of this, but I have to agree that GM tends to drag out the PR for way too long. For the Camaro or the CTS-V, that might be okay. For the Cruze or a Buick, it's really a bad idea to attempt to tease people with the development of such mainstream cars.

  4. They started off good, now this? Honestly they should have killed off buick and saturn, and brought over opel

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