2012 Buick Compact sedan

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It looks ready to go.

Buick will not use the name “Excelle” already used in China. So we’ll see what they call it when it comes over here next year.
It should be going on sale in China this summer.
So we’ll see plenty of it before it is released in the US.
What should they call it?

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  1. They could use a coupe version to go with it.

    And I say Skylark or Skyhawk. LOL, how about Apollo?

  2. Somerset sounds much better than Skylark. Verano seems too close to Verona, which was a flop for Suzuki.

  3. Skylark has a lot of history (good and bad) for the brand but I have also heard talk of the name "Avante,:

  4. The front end looks amazing on this car, the side and rear already look dated, and it hasn't even reached our shores yet.

  5. Where was the photo taken? Looks like a slum in some sci-fi movie like "escape from New York" The ONLY thing I do NOT find unsetteling is the BUICK!

  6. Avante won't be the name thats for sure…..thats the name for The Hyundai Elantra. Hyundai could not name the Elantra her Avante because of the car company Avant, thus the name Elantra so it won't be that.

  7. Buick is on a roll big time! ALL the new Buicks are very nice! Just wait until the new Regal GS hit's the market in a year or so, then the domestic haters will HAVE to take notice!

  8. the back end is gross…reminds me of women who pluck their eyebrows out and then paint them back on.

  9. Oh God no, please don't call it the Skylark.

    Call it, "Holy shit, that's a Buick" but don't call it Skylark.

  10. Are they cost saving a bit too much?? It only has one windscreen wiper. Maybe the other one is hiding.

  11. How about some names from Buick's more exciting past (60s)? Besides the Skylark (which had some cache back then, not the 80s reinvention) how about Century? Wildcat? Electra? Special?

    How about reaching back futher in the GM archives…. LaSalle?

  12. I vote for Allure. That is a name that shouldn't have been allowed to die.. in fact, it should have replaced LaCrosse in the US, not vice versa in Canada!

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