2012 Fiat 600

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I am sure the real thing would look better than this ill proportion illustration.

But Fiat is working on a 5 door version of the 500, especially for the US market.
But it would of course also end up in Europe.
This would give them an instant advantage over the Mini and the 2012 Beetle.

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  1. It should be a 4 door and stretched seeing how unbelievably small it is, i parked next to one a few weeks ago in so cal, it had mex plates, and my subcompact seemed like a tahoe next to it. the back seat was non existent the parcel shelf was the size of my fist, the front seats and dash looked awesome though, plenty of room up front . I just dont think i would like to trust and perhaps wreck it one day seeing how freaking small it is in person, this is one of them cars that until you see it in person you never quite grasp all of it.

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