BAIC BE701 + 2011 Chrysler Nassau???

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BAIC has been building the Chrysler Sebring sedan in China under license for a while.

At the latest Chinese Auto Show, they displayed an electric version of it.
But the car had a whole new front and rear design.
And Chrysler has announced that a heavily redesigned (But not all new) Sebring sedan is on its way for the end of the year. Renamed Nassau.
What do you think?
This Chinese version actually looks much better than our Sebring. Although it is still not nearly enough to compete against new models like the Sonata, and upcoming all new Malibu and Optima…
Good luck…

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  1. It addresses the Sebring's least attractive features, the front and rear. Looks much better, was hoping for a bit more change, but considering the short time frame, this is definitely an improvement.

  2. A Kia K7 clone. I vomited a little in my mouth upon my initial look at this knockoff. When are they going to know that they are sick.

  3. A tremendous improvement considering what they had to work with. I rented one a few months back and didnt think its driving dynamics were too bad compared to my Accord. I just thought the interior was a disaster (fisher-price chic) and the exterior cheap. If this is what is in store then it will be a lot more exciting to look at than my Accord. They may have done just the right things to get it on many folks consideration list.

  4. i see the honda legend / the large acura in the frontend but thats it.

    it does look quite nice actually.

  5. Eh, the rear doesn't know if it wants to be an Acura, Audi, E-Class, XF, or Optima.

    Oops. In that case, I hope they change it outside of China!

    I just realized this is the same car posted probably over a year ago now that had the front end shape of the 2005-2006 Nissan Altima. Looks a million times better than the Sebring 😉

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