Bob’s Big Boy on Friday night…

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Always good stuff to look at.

Too bad the food is so bad…

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  1. Back to the days when art & S T Y L E were in vogue. Before Big Brother told us how many MPG to get, how many co particulates to emit, at what speed a bumper should be able to resist all dings (5MPH). When Americans made money. When American Companies out-performed China, Japan or Korea. When folks could afford a new car every 3-5 years; instead of 10-15 or longer… on just a single income, no less! When V A R I E T Y, Creativity, and Ingenuity really were "the spice of life". It may have taken untill 2009; but Orwell's bleak "1984" future finally came to be — government control, terrorist crimes, boring cars & all.

  2. I don't know what you're talking about… I LOVE the food! 🙂 Give me a BigBoy Combo and Hot Fudge Cake any day!!!

  3. Not much good food in that neighborhood, though the Mexican places are very good. Great photos, btw. I miss L.A. when I see photos like that.

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