Buick Regal GS approved for production

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No big surprise here, but still really good news.
And a great step forward for Buick.

The concept had a 255hp 2.0 Liter turbo engine. ( although a few years ago the Solstice had a 260hp version…)
Combine with AWD , 20 inch wheels and a 6 speed manual.

It seems really nice, but I just wonder why GM chose not to use the more powerful V6 Turbo from the Opel Insignia…

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  1. Vince, the turbo six is heavier, more complex, and more expensive than the turbo four.

    Regardless, I don't need AWD and I'd rather save a couple grand. Sonata turbo would be my vehicle of choice.

  2. YYYEEEEEAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!! I'll be saving up for this one. And I'd really love a 5 door version of this GS too.

    The reason why Buick is'nt using the 2.8 turbo v6 is because it would'nt produce the same amount of power here in the USA after all the US emmisions equipment was put on it. Look at the power output of that Cadillac SRX 2.8 turbo v6. It makes 300hp and 295 lb/ft of torque. The 2.0 DI turbo 4 cyl makes the same torque (295) and is much more fuel efficient. Yes the horsepower is less, but as we all know, horsepower is'nt as important as torque, here in the USA. I like to think of it as torque determines how quickly you can accelerate and horsepower determines what your top speed will be. I prefer the turbo di 4 cyl myself since you'll get the same acceleration, better fuel efficiency, less weight and better handling (since there will be less weight on the front end).

  3. This V6 is very bad for fuel economy, especially for a 2.8 liter. So the 4 cyl. is a much better choice.

  4. I LOVE that Buick has the balls to build this! But they really should find a way to give it over 300hp. With 255, this is Honda Accord territory, and that ain't good. The benchmark is the S4, the 335 and the G37. Without a competitive engine, it's all bark and no bite. No matter what they do, damn, Buick is on the right track!

  5. I read somewhere (I think GM insidenews) that Buick is looking to get some more power out of this turbo di 4 cyl engine. There is already a stage 2 kit out for it which adds another 50 hp and 50 lb/ft of torque for the manual and 30 hp/30 tq for the automatic and it comes with a full warranty. So, I would imagine they'll just put that on it. I, for one, am very glad that the 2.8 v6 turbo is'nt going to bee in this car. It's an obsolete engine that is'nt efficient. However, I would'nt mind seeing a GSX version with the new DI 3.0l V6 with a turbo or two.

  6. The reason the V6 was so far decided against, is because it's heavier, considerably less fuel efficient, and the NA GM engineers feel the weight difference throws off the balance enough that the car just does not handle as well–it's front end heavy. With the 2.0T, there's a lot of power potential, great mileage, and the lighter front end is how the Insignia was ideally meant to be all along.

    Great confirmed news, regardless. 4-cyl shy people will just need to get used to it. It has for the Acura's, Audi's, etc. of the world so far.

  7. "Great confirmed news, regardless. 4-cyl shy people will just need to get used to it. It has for the Acura's, Audi's, etc. of the world so far."

    True. But the problem is that the 4 cyl Audis aren't performance versions. It's the it's the blown sixes or the 5.2 V8 engines in the S and RS versions that are geared for performance. Only a stripped, base turbo 4 Audi comes as front wheel drive and, on paper, barely compete with a Camry or Accord. This is supposed to be the fast version of their Regal. But, as this appears now, it's just the same kind of appearance package that Pontiac used to do.

    Given that this has a "GS" on the trunk and the go-fast looks, this just isn't good enough.

  8. "Anonymous said…
    No low down torque and lousy fuel economy…Oh Boy!

    May 22, 2010 5:55 AM"

    I really don't like this car, but you still have failed to research to see how much torque this thing produces down low.

    Please educate yourself because that was a very ignorant comment.

    "Anonymous said…
    That is the only FWD car I actually WANT!

    May 21, 2010 4:55 AM"

    I hate to burst your bubble, but the GS is AWD.

  9. When my lease on my current daily driver, a 2010 VW CC comes due in 2 years, I will certainly give Buick another look. The last time I looked at Buick, 2 years ago, the sales person was so snoby that I left, swearing never to look at Buick again.

  10. "Please educate yourself because that was a very ignorant comment."

    What is the torque at 1000 RPM ? Did you research it?

    Who's ignorant?

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