Buick to get a compact Crossover/SUV

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So the US will not be getting the Chevrolet Orlando after all….

That’s too bad.
But it would have been really close in price to the new Equinox.
Instead, Buick is getting a small Crossover.
But some rumors are saying it might be based on the new Aveo, not the larger Orlando.
That would make for a really small Buick…
We’ll have to see.
The Orlando was supposed to replace the HHR. I wonder now what will happen to it.
It does need a new interior, at least….

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  1. If this crossover is indeed based on the Aveo, it appears that the HHR's replacement will migrate from Chevy over to Buick.

  2. altho this looks very "nice" in a safe, predictable, practically trite way – the way that the usual, not-really-needed details are dug into the clay every 10¾ inches;
    I really wish the designers (or the Suits who limit their creativity) would bring something desirable-new to vehicle styling.
    Imho smoooooth ought to be the next trend

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