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How embarrassing is this…

Volvo invited  a bunch of journalist to demonstrate their latest “Crash avoidance System”.
The result is less than convincing.
Proving once again that modern cars rely way too much on complicated electronics.
All it takes is for the system to fail once…

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  1. I saw an in depth look at this one.

    The result was due to human error, and one of the administrators forgot to set a certain function.

    It certainly is a ha-ha moment, but not because Volvos are not safe.

  2. I am a big fan of Volvo's, but they are leaning to far away from people just paying attention to the road!

  3. It was human error they said something to do with battery but I'd be more concerned with the opposite: erroneous full braking at highway. And even if there's really a car in front of you then you don't want the car brake while you might want to swerve at the same time.

  4. Haha, it must be their new owners having subbed in a knock-off version of their "Crash avoidance system"!

  5. Active "SAFETY" systems like this are a law-suit waiting to happen. I still do not understand why as a car manufacturer, you would want to offer a system that is destined to fail and thus be a horrible liability to your PR and sales when it does. I can guarantee you that there are people out there who are going to think "awesome, now I don't have to worry about tailgating behind the guy in front 'cause my new Volvo S60 will just stop the car for me!" and then die in a horrible, flaming crash and the "victim's" family will sue the pants off Volvo for installing a dangerous device that caused death, followed by numerous copy-cat lawsuits suddenly springing up all over the country claiming the same thing. Hmmm… seems very familiar that scenario doesn't it….?

  6. "I APOLOGIZE FOR THAT" the guy said
    ya… very funny
    Apologize to customers!!
    and show them the video before they buy your faulty product!!

  7. It's because the new Chinese owners replaced the brake avoidance sensor with cardboard. The didn't think anyone would actually notice.

  8. Mercedes also had the same incident when demonstrating their version of the radar assisted braking system on the S-Class….

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