Infiniti G37 Convertible test drive.

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The G37 coupe is already a great looking car, and the convertible version is one of the best looking convertible out there.
I realise that looks are a matter of taste. But during my week drive, the car’s design was praised by everyone who saw it.
It is also one of the rare hard top convertible that doesn’t look awkward with the top up.
-The interior is very familiar to anyone who has been inside any versions of the G35/37 from Infiniti.
Which is very nice, but not great.
There isn’t a feeling of anything special. Which could be OK for about $35 000. But my test car was almost $52 000, and I think at that price, it deserves something even better.
The back seat is roomy enough for this kind of car. And it’s actually not too bad back there.
The leather is of good quality everywhere. And once closed, the inside of the car feels more like a coupe than a convertible.
The Bose system in my test car was excellent. Even including speakers designed into the front seats.

The biggest disappointment in the design of the car was the trunk. Or lack of it.
Sure, most hard top convertibles don’t have much left once the top is down.
But the G37 hits a new low.
With the top down, there is less room left in the trunk than any car I’ve ever driven.
Cars like the Pontiac G6, VW Eos and Volvo C70 have much more space left after the top has folded inside the trunk.
Even the Solstice had much more room back there.
This is pretty ridiculous.
And the top seems to take forever to open and close…
The ride is very firm. Sometimes even a bit too harsh.. Mine was the S model, so it might not be the case for all.
But it was really unforgiving an many roads, and made the car a bit too sensitive to road irregularities…
The worst thing I noticed was how much the top rattled when in the up position.
And it did it even on smooth roads. There is almost always a creak or a moan to be heard.
It is really annoying and gives the whole car a cheap feeling that it really shouldn’t have. Especially at $52 000.
With the top down, the car feels pretty solid. Although I noticed a bit of shake in the windshield.
Just like in other G series models, the steering has an excellent feel.
Pretty light, but always very precise at the same time. It does add a lot to the driving pleasure.
Again, the 3.7 Liter V6 is always great. Smooth yet very sporty.
Mileage wasn’t horrible during my week.
The best I could do in pure city driving was about 16MPG. Which is what most V6 engines of that size get.
But I reached 28mpg on the freeway. Which is really good for this car.
The 7 speed is very smooth. But, again, not very willing to downshift. Unless you really push it.
Which makes any versions of the G37 less responsive than cars like the Maxima which use the same engine, but a much more responsive CVT.
The V6 with CVT combo from Nissan is one of the very best around.
The G37 convertible is quite a stunning looking car.
But the drive is a bit of a mixed bag.
It has a great engine, but I would stay away from the S package and its hard suspension.
The interior is fine, but maybe not upscale enough for the price.
The worse for me was the almost constant rattles from the top when up.
Even the $32000 Pontiac G6 convertible’s top I drove a couple of years ago felt much more solid.
And the Saab 9-3 convertible I tested was roomier, and also more solid, even with an old fashion soft top. Which gives it a full trunk.
The base G37 convertible starts at $45 000.
But many packages can quickly push the $50 000 barrier.
It’s main competition, the BMW 3 series convertible, starts at around the same price. And so does the Lexus IS 350C. (Where is the real competition in all this similar pricing???)
I would make sure too drive the competition before settling on the Infiniti.

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  1. Beautiful car, but wow. 50-large is a lot for this car. For that kind of money, I'd be very tempted to look a well optioned A5. Under no circumstances would I ever consider the Lexus convertible.

  2. If I were in the market for a car of this caliber, a CPO CLK550 would be my ticket.

    This Infiniti is a lame duck with a lot of cowl shake like you experienced, Vince.

  3. This car is fugly! I don't understand what the appeal is. I understand 300 horses is a lot and the driving dynamics must be good/great! Other than that… I don't see the appeal personally.

  4. No thanks to the Infiniti.

    My wife had a 2006 FX35 and it was one of the worst vehicles that we have ever owned. Interior was falling apart after three years and my meticulous care of the vehicle with all Griots products and no children.

    Infiniti can put on a good show, but the quality is only skin (or surface) deep.

  5. "Under no circumstances would I ever consider the Lexus convertible."

    May 9, 2010 7:28 PM

    This looks so much like the Lexus SC430 convertable, i thought it was.

  6. $50K for a convertible G37 is a joke. The depreciation on this pig will make you cry. If you absolutely must get this sort of thing, consider the convertible 370Z Roadster instead. It is a bit cheaper and looks better than the G37

  7. Infiniti is a top ranked quality machine. The G series was the first car to unseat BMW in road and Tracks best sport sedans. Nissan/Infiniti rock. To all the other posters, you can't afford one!

  8. "Infiniti is a top ranked quality machine. The G series was the first car to unseat BMW in road and Tracks best sport sedans. Nissan/Infiniti rock."

    Infiniti has one good car. The excellent G Sedan and the less excellent G Coupe. Well, maybe that's two cars. The rest of the Infiniti lineup stinks bad.

  9. "To all the other posters, you can't afford one!"

    May 11, 2010 8:08 AM

    Even if i could, i sure as hell wouldnt be seen dead in one of these lol.

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