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Just like what we saw a few weeks ago with the Audi A1, this is another case of car makers pretending to be Hollywood film makers.

But the result always seems to be a few steps further in the cheesiness.
Most big budget Hollywood blockbusters are pretty bad.
But these new “Hollywood car shorts” are even worse.
And we rarely see any of the car….
Another bad case of WTF.

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  1. Ever since BMW did it's two seasons of "The Driver" series with Clive Owen, all the other luxury car-makers have tried their hand at doing the same thing, and come up short. Mercedes had it's one-off short film called "Porter" featuring the then-new CLS, with Max Beasley, Dannii Minogue and Brian Ferry which was not too bad. Now Audi is doing it with the new A1 and JT, and Lexus has to get in on the action with it's sad/boring/silly CT 200h. At least BMW and Mercedes seemed to have good writing… Audi and Lexus seem to be going for the cheesier route. I guess what they say is true: any advertising is good advertising.

  2. Until the end of the commercial (which I just saw tonight at the movies) I wasn't sure if this was a promotion for the CT, a promotion for a new movie, or both. At the end I realized how lame this was. This isn't how you market a car you want people to buy, you don't keep its identity a secret if you want to sell your product. Take Hyundai for example, I think I've seen 5+ different types of commercials for the 2011 Sonata and only ONE did not feature actual video of the vehicle, while another shows the car being "carried" to life. 95% of resources to sell ANYTHING is marketing, no matter how truly wonderful or crappy it happens to be. This explains why Saturn is gone. Period.

  3. If I were Toyota, I wouldn't be showing much of the car either. Therir forte is marketing–NOT building reliable, high-quality cars!

  4. Has Lexus restarted the stop sale of the lexus SUV for Safety concerns? Wow, did they ever get caught hiding a crap load of stuff under the carpet. Bad Toyota!

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