SsangYong Korando C

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Chinese controlled Korean car maker SsongYong finally came up with a decent looking car.

It looks almost exactly the same as the C200 concept they showed last year in Europe.
So far, the only available engine will be a 2.0 Liter diesel with 181hp.
It seems ready for Europe, and even the US….

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  1. This is a rip of so many different vehicles.

    Volvo XC60 front clip
    Saturn Vue rear end
    Kia Sportage (upcoming model) side profile
    Steering wheel is a Volvo rip

    Seriously, the Chinese are the absolute worst.

  2. ssangyong is KOREAN, the same country where HYUNDAI is from.

    this shows how much prejudice most ppl here have, they see the name, assumes it's chinese, and starts dissecting the tiniest details of the car in hope of finding the slightest similarities of another car. how pathetic

  3. This would have made a great Saturn Vue….shocking these guys didn't try to keep the company open for this purpose.

  4. Actually, Ssangyong has a really good looking SUV for a long time already. Their Rexton is definitely a good looking SUV.

  5. You can look at every car and dissect its component parts and say this looks like this and that looks like that. Nothing has changed, just look at American cars from the 20s. They're all identical but no-one ever accused them of copying each other because that's just the nature of boxes on four wheels, as is the case today. Differences are always in the details, and very few designs are ever truly unique. The question is not whether the front indicators were "ripped off" from a 1969 Volkswagen from Brazil or whatever, but how the overall style comes together to create the car's own character.

  6. I've seen these in Thailand for years. They touted using a Mercedes Diesel engine. Looked pretty nice too.

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