2011 BMW X3

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At least it will look better than the current model.
But that’s not saying much.

The front headlights look to be quite square. And quite unlike any other current BMWs.
Almost weird.

We’ll see…..

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  1. wtf. this is a joke. its exactly the same car as the current model.

    ppl will buy this when they can gat a preowned car that looks almost like the new model???

    anyways, the X3 always looked kinda BLAND. a appeal of a GEEZER car.

  2. Just a face-lift not an all new model… they should hire back all the German Designers that went to the Koreans since their cars now look awesome hands down……

  3. If they were going to leave it ugly, they should have left the design alone and saved money cause the only reason people buy it is because its a bmw, and its cheaper then the x5

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