2011 Ford Explorer

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First official pictures of the all new Explorer.
Not much to see yet.

But it sure looks like a Taurus wagon to me.
Which is a good thing.

Plus, from my experience so far, the Taurus drives great.
This will be a huge leap forward for the Explorer.

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  1. I'm really excited to see this when it comes out, but I feel like it won't be any cheaper then 30k. That said, I hope this influences the design of the upcoming F-150 and Expedition.

  2. Horrible. They should have left it with the edge crossover (Which looks amazing) unlike what I see here

  3. If it was a Taurus wagon, I'd consider it. It's not and Ford, please stop with the teaser shots. It's only an Explorer and we really don't care.

  4. These pictures are rediculous! What's the point in releasing pics so freakin' silly. And the A pillar……..the ONE thing EVERYBODY critisized on the new Jag…….is on the new Explorer! The black paint on those pillars that was supposed to make the windows look wider. Like with the Jag…..the first thing I would do……IF I bought it, would be to take it to a paint shop and paint the body color over the blacked out a pillars. I'm sure the rest of the vehicle is fine and well built.

  5. So they'll have the Escape, the Edge, the Explorer and the Expedition? That's A LOT of overlap with product. I guess they're still hoping for a lot of suv sales.

  6. John M, the blacked-out pillar on the jag is the rear one(which I happen to like), the explorer's has it blacked out on the front pillar, similar to the new Saab, Land Rover LRX, Koenigsegg, and many other other concepts who like the "floating" roof design.

  7. i dont know why you guys are worried about it overlapping other products who cares dont buy it if u dont like, its not like they developed a whole new platform, they are making use of the existing product. this will be on my shopping listl..

  8. Ford has made most of the right moves lately. My guess, Escape changed to match Europes good looking small SUV, Edge(which I see alot of) stays, Explorer stays, bye bye flex and possibly expedition. Maybe Ford should add a sub-escape size vehicle.

  9. Ford needs to give us some better pictures of this trucklet soon…from what they have revealed so far, it looks a lot like a Kia for goodness sakes.

  10. Looks like a great 4 Door LRX! (actually vice versa too…the LRX is going to be a great Ford Explorer Sport, but for more $$$)

  11. Education project: Thanks, I know they're on different pillars. I just think it looks cheesey but that's just me. If others like it, that's fine.

    I take it this thing is going to have eco-boost? Twin turbo DI v6?

  12. ok…. I'm going to eat some of my words here. I just saw some more pics on leftlane and although there's still a bunch of camo on it, I gotta say the blacked out a pillar is looking better than I thought. It looks different and it gives it a sporty look. I think what I was worried about (not that I really care) was if Ford made the blacked out part look good, or if they just slathered on some black paint in a way that makes it look crappy. I do notice a few economical cars are getting this treatment but I also remember the GT-R has it too.

  13. john m said…
    …I take it this thing is going to have eco-boost? Twin turbo DI v6?

    I've seen rumors that the new Explorer will have BOTH the 4cyl 2.0EB AND the v6 3.5EB

  14. Lot's of comments here on a car we can't even see. None comparing it to the all-new Toyota Four Runner. I think that says it all. What Toyota once was — Ford now IS (in a good way)!

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