2011 Honda Accord

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Just small changes.
Front and rear.
I also notice the horrible “Honda beige interior” seems to have been replace by a classier 2 tone cream and dark.

Slightly better gas mileage, rear view camera etc…

I still think the sedan is the worse looking car in the segment.
Everything else seems to look better.

The coupe still looks great.
I always wonder why Honda doesn’t use the coupe design as a bases for the sedan…

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  1. 10% increase gas mileage on the 4 banger, auto trans sedan is more than a little when very little is changed.

    2 miles per gallon (mpg) in the city and 3 mpg on the highway, for a city/highway rating of 23/34 mpg.

    The #s look better than my 98 Accord using the old EPA method.

  2. The sedan looks really lame. The tail light bar looks like such a half hearted attempt I don't know why they even bothered. The grille looks like the Crosstour, which is not a good thing. It is a good thing that Honda has such a loyal following because nobody is going to buy this for it's looks.

  3. Oh…how the mighty have fallen.

    I thought the coupe was (until this) the best looking coupe out there (for this category)…now…puke.

  4. Boorrring! Remember when Honda used to make cars that were a little bit their own thing. I'm sure this car works great but it looks like it was designed by a very dull committee.

  5. I think the "Saturn" style back on the coupe is nice. And the "1976 Dodge Aspen" tailights on the sedan have a nice "American Retro" look to them. You're right about that garrish crosstour grill though–yech!!!

  6. I didn't think it was possible to make the Accord sedan uglier than it already is, but Honda sure succeeded with this horrible "refresh"

  7. The sedan is so so. But, I think if you get it in white and 18 or 19good looking wheels, then it rises above the ordinary.

  8. A sad statement from the designers at Honda. I'll grant them minor improvements to the front end of the sedan but I'm also trying to be kind. The trunk strip is pure crap, shame on them. The coupe was better before. What is going on at this company??!!! It's not the same Honda that I once respected.

  9. The Honda Accord might not win a beauty contest, but it's still the Gold Standard for medium/large sedans IMO.

    The 2011 looks OK–nothing bad about the redo in front and rear, and the interior hasn't been changed much unless the color combinations are different.

    The Accord would still be my choice among sedans in the $22K–$30K price range. The 4 cylinder car makes the most sense because there's really no need for a V6 in an Accord. The 4 has plenty of power unless you frequently carry heavy loads or are a hot-rodder.

  10. Crap. A Malibu, Fusion, Sonata looks a whole lot better than this fugli-ass twisted clump!

    Because it's a Honda some moron will have knee jerk reasons why this is the best car, blah, blah, blah…crapsheet!

  11. The Accord would still be my choice among sedans in the $22K–$30K price range

    Well it sure isn't mine! your getting into Charger, Tarus, Chrysler 300, prices. All Bigger, better, more comfortable, quieter, smoother, and just one whole heck of lot more car for the money. Fusion & Malibu are both LESS AND get better gas mileage (which means better for the environment too!)

    Why do so many assume that just because a car is UGLY it must be reliable???

  12. It's just looks "stoggy" compaired to the scary braking "Camry", and I have to admit the new Hyundai Sonata puts both of them to shame…..the new Kia Optima looks pretty good too…I'm sure Honda and Toyota designers are busy with there new future designs for both the Accord and Camry….

  13. Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. But once your inside the outside doesn't really matter anymore. The days of excitement(fifties and sixties) to see styling changes each year died with GM's Harley Earl. Pedestrian coupes and sedans are just appliances, albeit well-made appliances, no more – no less.

  14. " But once your inside the outside doesn't really matter anymore. The days of excitement(fifties and sixties) to see styling changes each year died with GM's Harley Earl. "

    How depressing. But I do think that this is how Honda and Toyota thinks about the industry. Thankfully there are other automakers that don't think this way.

  15. It is amazing that Honda fans are so loyal to buy/keep buying the Ridgeline, Crosstour, CRX, etc. When I ask my 'Honda' friends about the styling of other cars, no matter which brand, they are ugly and only Honda's make their list.

    I think I keep a pretty open mind–I like the 2010 Honda Accord Coupe, not so much the Sedan–but this refresh uglifies both. The rear of the Coupe was clean and the taillights flowed with the design. Those on the sedan have always fought the angle of the crease swooping up the side of the car. And now they fight the angle of the crease and the tacked-on reflector strip. Then adding what looks like the Crosstour grille, which is too big for the Crosstour already, is no good.

    But no fear Honda, your loyal fans will argue that this is the best Accord ever. Congratulations.

  16. This is ugly ugly ugly ugly. I had no idea a car manufacter could take the side of the Infinti G sedan and make it look ugly.

  17. I apologize for EVER thinking it was not possible for the Accords to look worse. They somehow pulled it off.

    This is officially the first Accord (sedan) that has gone through a refresh that came out with the same exact tail lights. You can put red tape to mimic those strips on your '08 to '10 models if you want the "newest look" for you car. You don't even have to worry about trading it in!

  18. It looks like Honda's design department is no longer crowing, but has fully ker-plunked itself into the terlet. They just keep launching one sea-pickle after another into the sewer of design. For shame.

  19. I'm really surprised that Honda really hasn't grasped the design renaissance that is happening right now. Virtually all car makers are grasping good design as a way to different their brands and make them more valuable. Honda (and some other Japanese makes) seem to be avoiding this entirely and tepidly dipping into a few key trend elements. The addition to these haphazard, Winnebago-like reflex bits inboard of the tail lamps indicates a styling crew that simply doesn't care. The element exacerbates the already very clumsy transition between the character line and the seam on the trunk. This car is already a mess, this just further affirms that.

  20. It's not a mess, it's just bland and boring. Honestly do you even notice them when you see them on the road? I know I certainly don't. That's because there's nothing to notice. If it were so awful you would notice every one that drove past. Like an Aztek or a Ridgeline or a new Sonata.

  21. No it's ugly. Now the Corolla is bland and boring. Even the Galant, 2006.5 Kia Optima, Hyundai Genesis, Lexus ES, Saturn Aura, Subaru Legacy, Nissan Sentra, 2004 Ford Taurus, Chevy Monte Carlo, 2002 Chevy Prism those are boring. This is ugly. But why would honda care about style since they are seen every .5 of second on the road.

  22. Good design isn't just for moving units and differentiating one's brand from another; It's for the betterment of society as well. When I see a Honda Pilot, CR-V or Accord doing down the road, not to mention that atrocious RD-X, I'm saddened by the lost opportunity to put an object of beauty on the road.

  23. July 1, 2010 11:27 AM

    As an artist, I must agree with you. For some unknown reason, companies like Honda & Chevy & Toyota have decided that if it's gonna sell for a cheap price, it's gotta be as butt-ugly as a turd. I think that says something about the folks who buy these slugs, too. (Corolla, Accord, Cobalt, Corsa, Camry, Crosstour, Topaz, Prius, Tempo, Pilot, CR-V, Lumina, etc.)

    Why can't they design more cars like the new Malibu, Altima, or the new Sonata??? Do they really save money by "pulling a Honda"???

  24. Accord may be cheap, but it's sure no match for the 2011 Kia Optima. Not only is the Kia good-looking; but it will cost you less money over the life of the car! (MPG+Depreciation+Required scheduled maintanance costs) Those required maintanence costs are always a killer with a Honda.

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