2011 Mercedes SLK

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This thing has been seen testing forever now.
And still, all we have are spy pictures or illustrations like these.

The SLK has always been a great looking car, and I’m sure the next one will not disappoint.
Whether it looks like this or not,

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  1. I hope it looks like this. One thing that is wrong with this picture is the mirrors, which are moved from the joint between the A-pillar and the shoulder line, to resting on the door side.

  2. I dont like the ass on the new sls and i dont like this ass ! not even sure if its one of those designs that take 2 years to wear nicely on me .. hmm prob not.. just like the C-class love that awesome front end, love the greenhouse but my good who designed the rear end and those goofy looking tailamps ??

  3. By the time they get this thing to market everybody will be thinking they copied the 2011 Dodge Charger (square-protruding grill; similar side scoop & lines) C'mon Mercedes, get her in gear, already!

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