2011 Suzuki Swift

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Looking surprisingly similar to the current model.
We’ll see if Suzuki keeps its word and sell it in the US.

He had the Swift here before. A long time ago. As the Geo Metro.

This is the current model that came out in 2004.

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  1. A = looks like they didnt change much at all
    B = im glad they didnt ruin it before we finally get it here in the states ! those american suzuki dealers who voted down the last swift need a good kick in the ass for loosing a ton of sales the last 5 years !! i want one bad !
    I like the old squared off c-pillar compared to the new rounded one ! lets hope they price it right and dont get greedy !

  2. I nice update to a very good design. I'm really curious to see what it ends up costing in the US. The Fiesta may find this care to be it's real competition…

  3. Much like the KIA Soul, but not as impressive. I've seen quite a few KIA Souls in San Francisco and the car is both stylish and useful IMO.

  4. We had both Geo Metros here as Suzuki Swifts as well. The Swift was the sportier of the two.

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