2011 VW Jetta

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First official pictures.
Ahead of the official day (June 15th)

Not sure yet if the US will get the usual large 2.5 Liter as standard. Or switch to a smaller and more efficient engine.

I think it looks more upscale than the spy pics were leading us to believe, more like a small Audi.

Still not really modern, but quite upscale compared to the Corolla or Civic.

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  1. Interior doesn't look upscale at all?! Exterior potentially (from side resembles little bit A4/BMW).
    There will be a new Civic '12 so we'll see how that will compare.

  2. I will be with backward old electronic components.

    Cheap models will have a basic rigid axle as a rear suspension……

  3. Was VW going for a retro look? It looks like the Mercury Milan that I bought to replace my horrible Volkswagen in 2007. Even the interior looks the same. It's not ugly, but it's not new, or original. Are they getting this car in Europe, or does VW think that Americans are the only ones stupid enough to buy it?

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