2011 VW Phaeton

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Just a few new pictures of the revised big VW for 2011.

This is not a new car. It is basically the same one that came out in 2002.
New front, rear lights, more chrome and new trims inside. Not even a new interior.

I always thought the car looked pretty old when it came out, and 8 years don’t help.
It just looked like a bloated Passat back then.
So now, they redesign the front to make it look more like… The new “revised but not all new either” 2011 Passat that is coming out shortly.

On top of it all, VW is actually considering trying to sell it again in the US.
I didn’t work years ago, but somehow, someone is sitting behind a desk thinking a new front end could solve everything.
That now US customers are ready to shell out over $70 000 for a big VW sedan.

Someone is making way too much money…

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  1. I do think it's a nice car, BUT…This is basically a "refresh". And if this did'nt work a few years ago, how is this going to work now?

  2. Get it down to the price of its should-be competition (Taurus and 300 and them) and it would be more worth it. Might need to shorten the wheelbase two inches.

  3. LOL, agree with first poster, this is a "freshened" ford 500. Not surprising because I think the 500 designer came from VW.

  4. you could buy 2 Prius's and have a year college tuition leftover…there is no market here in the US for these relics of the past…VW needs more relevant products if they are going to survive.

  5. The Phaeton is an EXCELLENT car hampered by poor marketing and brand strategy. VW shouldn't be in this segment as that is the point of Audi. The fact it's sold next to Golfs and New Beetles doesn't help either. That said, it will easily go up against a 7 series or S Class for a heck of a lot less cash. Europeans have and will accept this car more openly than Americans and it's a real shame because once again we've turned a blind eye to a great car.

  6. A $70K VW makes as much sense as a $375K Lexus sports car. That is, not much. Choose what you do and do it well. Focus on the core brand.

  7. groudbreaking, world beating design, makes everything else look old. incredible how vw keeps coming out with designs no one else could ever imagine. a great value, very low price considering vw prestige. this will be hugely successful. completely different approach than last phaeton. vw has figured it out! NOT.

  8. huh? You think this is groundbreaking? Now the Jaguar XR that's groundbreaking. I'd take that over anything else. I don't want a Lexus, BMW or Mercedes. I want the groundbreaking Jaguar XR because its a car that people overlook making it rare. The Phanton is rare in a bad way. If I ever pay $70,000 for something this plain looking, just shoot me hear?

  9. An 8, almost 9 year old design. Was too expensive when launched. Was unsuccessful when the economy was booming. There's more competition now, like the Genesis (which I think is junk, but will be cross shopped anyway.)

    Not sure how VW thinks this is going to work.

  10. Volkswagen = People's car.
    At $70,000 and up, it's ridiculous to brand that car a VW. An Audi perhaps, but not a VW.

    The large VW on the front is a deal-killer for anything above a "near luxury" car.

  11. I wouldn't give you $50k for this. On the other hand, if Toyota can sell Prius's at $25-$29; then there's probably a boatload of folks waiting to drop $70k for a VW!

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