2011 VW Polo Sedan

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I saw the Polo hatchback in person a few days ago, and it is a very nice looking car in the flesh, with an interior that looks and feels like it belongs in a more expensive car.
This upcoming sedan, although more conservative, should be quite attractive as well.

With a rumored based price of about $15 000 for the upcoming 2011 US Jetta,(Which would be over $2000 less than the current model) I really don’t think there is room for this car over here.
They would have to sell it for around $12 000, which doesn’t seem possible.

Too bad.

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  1. Seriously? This thing looks nice?

    Yeah it might look nice and polite if you are coming off of a bad acid trip.

    This thing is flat out boring and will be demolished by the upcoming competition.

  2. From what I read today.. it is likely that it will be coming to the US afterall.. most likely with the 1.2 turbo.

  3. "this thing makes toyotas look exciting"

    My Thoughts Exactly….and in fact it even makes the Aveo look good.

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