2012 BMW 3 series GT

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The 3 series will be all new for next year. And we all now it will look like a smaller 5 series, which itself resembles a small 7 series.
The usual.

We also know it will be offered for the 1st time as a 5 door hatchback GT version.
But this illustration looks way too good.
Spy shots of the upcoming 3 series GT show something in the lines of the ugly 5 series hatch.
Nothing sporty or original looking like this picture above.

In related news, BMW is realizing that the $65 000 5 series GT V8 isn’t selling in the US.
So they will send us over more of the “cheaper” 6 cylinder version. (Duh…)

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  1. Why don't they just replace the ridiculous GT with the wagon, especially after recent rumors that we won't be getting the wagon in the US because it's to close to the GT on the one side and to the X5 on the other…

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