2012 Euro Civic?

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That illustration looks a bit too crazy to be realistic.

Even though the current Civic model sold in Europe is still really modern looking.
Nothing like the one we have over here.

We’ll see next year if Honda decides to sell us the hatchback in the US.
Ford will be selling the Focus hatch over here. And the Cruze hatchback might follow.

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  1. Crazy why? The current Euro Civic already looks like a concept car. Given how far out what we have now is, this image looks perfectly realistic to me.

  2. I'm liking this sketch. I hope it's what North America can expect for the 2012 Civic, instead of the ugly 3 bar grille designs featured on the 2011 Accord and CrossHorror. They're doing a great job of keeping it a secret- I can't find anything.

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