2012 VW Beetle Cabrio

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No more “New Beetle”.
The next one is just the Beetle.

It is lower, wider, more luxurious. Interior uses Audi like plastics.
Smaller dash includes a second glovebox , facing the passenger. Just like the old Bug.
And 3 extra gauges sit on top of the dash.
Dash face now matches exterior color.

And here are some of the US specs.
A concept version should be shown at the Los Angeles auto show this November.

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  1. price seems right where it should be for a convertible…should give the Mini some competition with gays and grays.

  2. I find it highly suspect that there is already an options list and MSRP for a vehicle that hasn't even been shown in concept form yet..

  3. What I'm wondering is if this will kill the Eos. They are the same thing…under the same brand…just with different candy coated shells.

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