All new Citroen C4

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This is an important model for Citroen. Competing with German power houses in the European market like the VW GOlf and the new Ford Focus.
It does look a bit more upscale the the current model, but at the same time, not as original.
It also has a strong family resemblance to the larger C5, which is a stunning car in the flesh.
So we’ll see…

For those of us who have never seen one, this is the current C4 which came out in 2004.

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  1. Conservative and boring, especially for Citroen. Looks like a japanese design. If Citroen don't have slightly wacky design going for them, what do they have?

  2. Rather disappointed with the new C4 and I'm a big Citroen fan. The exterior looks quite ordinary, very un-citroen in my opinion. However, the interior looks great. The quality of Citroens has improved dramatically recently. But I suppose if you're looking for something interesting style-wise, that's why they have the DS4.

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