All new Citroen C4

This is an important model for Citroen. Competing with German power houses in the European market like the VW GOlf and the new Ford Focus.
It does look a bit more upscale the the current model, but at the same time, not as original.
It also has a strong family resemblance to the larger C5, which is a stunning car in the flesh.
So we’ll see…

For those of us who have never seen one, this is the current C4 which came out in 2004.

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  1. Conservative and boring, especially for Citroen. Looks like a japanese design. If Citroen don't have slightly wacky design going for them, what do they have?

  2. Rather disappointed with the new C4 and I'm a big Citroen fan. The exterior looks quite ordinary, very un-citroen in my opinion. However, the interior looks great. The quality of Citroens has improved dramatically recently. But I suppose if you're looking for something interesting style-wise, that's why they have the DS4.

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