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The new Vel Satis replacement is a European version of the recently introduced Samsung MS5 (Renault’s Korean partner)
Which itself is based on the Renault Laguna

So they went from the crazy weird Vel Satis to a super boring sedan. I guess they do wan to sell cars after all.
Plus I remember them mentioning, a few years ago, that if the Vel Satis didn’t sell well, it would be Renault’s last attempt at a large luxury car.
I guess modifying a Samsung get them a luxury car for very little investment.
But it looks like they didn’t even try to make it look like a Renault…

Here are the Samsung version of the car, on top.
And the “regular” Laguna hatchback.

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  1. I looked at the car before I read that it was a Renault. I thought it might be a Chinese knockoff of the upcoming Passat, Phaeton or Kia sedan (can't remember what the Kia is called.) Then I thought the back looked an awful lot like the Camry, which is possibly the worst thing that can be said about any car.

    My thoughts are that this car is a total incoherent mess. I like Renault, but I do not like this car at all.

  2. Really, for all the reasons you usually had to take a pass on buying an upmarket French car there were at least a couple to make you regret not being able to do so. There's no reason to regret ignoring this car.

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