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  1. It's time to implement traffic lights, China!!! I wonder how badly some of those people were injured or if some of them died, especially that one where there were 2 sets of parents with their kids and that Jeepney-type thing backed up right over that one lady with her daughter??!!!!

  2. Perhaps if they had some sort of a device, such as a metal sign, or an electric light, which would control the flow of traffic in an intersection…

    Nah, that's crazy talk!

  3. things needed at this intersections: stop signs or traffic lights. helmets given to everyone around and slower speed limits 'cause the slow accidents are just too funny.

  4. do they not have traffic lights or stop signs? I mean serious, either they are all dumb as rocks or this is a way for the communists to control the population.

  5. "this is a way for the communists to control the population"

    Replaced the Cultural Revolution with the Automotive Revolution. Comparable death toll obviously.

  6. China does have a relatively high number of accidents compared to their driving population. One might use this as evidence that they're "all just bad drivers." But think about it. Auto sales have exploded in China in a short amount of time. How many of us in the states were taught to drive by their parents, and our parents were taught by their parents and so on. We've had mass car culture for the better part of a century, whereas many Chinese drivers are new to it. And the increase in sales probably outpaces development of appropriate infrastructure–in the case of the video, stop lights or even a stop sign.

    But you gotta admit, a lot of those accidents were awfully bone-headed. I think the explanation is that most of the drivers were newbies. My $.02

  7. That intersection doesn't need a light. It doesn't even need a 4-way stop. Just give one of the streets the right of way and slap a stop sign on the other.

    The crashes involving cars are one thing, but I'm mad at the two-wheelers who just watch the person they're about to collide with as neither one bothers to steer clear of each other.

  8. Its sad seeing alot of these accidents could have been avoidable ! did they not look at there surroundings ???

  9. Do they have a "China's Funniest Videos" show that airs these? You couln't pay me enough to ride a bike in China.

  10. Question for Louis, is DWA like DWI- Driving Like and Asshole? I think they were all driving while texting.

  11. Just got Louis' DWA comment. And here I was thinking how politically correct everyone was being not pointing out the obvious.

  12. that beige mazda (or mazda looking) car at 2:01-2:06 who practically inches his way at 3km/h into the guy who stood there from the beginning has to be a joke

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