Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell

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They told us it was coming: an all electric version of the new SLS sports car.
It will have 519hp and will to 0 to 60 in 4 seconds.

At a dealer near you in 2013.

The future of sports cars???

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  1. Pretty amazing. But the yellow has got to go. What's wrong with red or black or silver – colors this design look gorgeous in?

    Of course you realize that, in the USA, chances are your electric Mercedes super car will be essentially coal powered. Back to the 19th century! LOL!

  2. Vince, can you have a contest to win one of these in white?

    The new SLS is the first Mercedes in a long time that reminds me 1) of the Mercedes' I admired growing up and 2) of Mercedes' that are different/special compared to all the other luxury cars.

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