Mercury killed at 3pm today???

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Could be…

According to Automotive News: “Dealer sources say they expect Ford Motor Co. to confirm plans to phase out its 71-year-old Mercury brand at a press conference this afternoon.”

It also mentions that the planned Mercury version of the next Focus could end up as a Lincoln.

We’ll know for sure soon. Very soon…

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  1. next: lincoln will be canceled too.

    oh come on… focus as a lincoln?
    vince, did you make that up?
    NO WAY a focus can be a lincoln.

  2. Yes Mercury will stop Q4.

    And yes they did say there will be a Lincoln version of the Focus. Remember Vince is psychic:-).

  3. Lincoln will need to beef it up a alot. Maybe follow the Lexus model and ford the toyota model. It is long overdue and will be the great for ford in the long run. The big Ford issue is, what premium brand will sold outside of USA? Will Ford give up Europe and Asia? Will Lincoln rise to the occasion?

    That is why Ford made a mistake selling Jaguar. Ford/Jaguar would work in Europe and Asia. No one over there will buy a Lincoln. Just like Cadillac which cannot make inroad into the premium market outside of USA.

    A Lincoln Focus?????? They have NO idea what the heck they're doing!!! Ford will do well and Lincoln will survive but when I see things like this, it tells me that Ford does'nt have a clue what to do with Lincoln. Lincoln needs to do what Buick DID and find itself. They need to figure out what Lincoln is, what it means to potential customers and what they want Lincoln to be. Lincolns marketing department is a FREAKIN' JOKE!!! NOBODY knows what the heck their vehicles are with those stupid MK W, T, F….whatever the heck the letters are. The Navigator is an abomination, the MKZZZZZZ (not a typo) is a joke, the Lincoln version of the Edge (whatever MK? thats called) could use some work….the only one that does interest me is the MKS and from what I've read, that could use some work too.

    To me when I hear that Lincoln is now going to expand it's lineup, I think that they're going to make a bunch of vehicles and then see which ones work and expand on those. Then they'll get rid of the ones that don't work. EXPENSIVE! I hope I'm wrong.

    Oh yeah, back to the point of Mercury….uh…..their marketing department convinced me a year ago that they were toast. I was hoping I was wrong then.

    NO, I'm not a Ford hater. I wish I was able to afford to buy some of their stock last year. I had a feeling it would go up.

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