Mini Countryman in the street

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I think it actually looks nice.

The kind of cars that could look much better in the flesh.

But I have to say, chrome looks good on Minis. (like on most British cars)
Much better than the blacked out grille…

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  1. I was skeptical until I saw it at the NY auto show, then it won me over. Most of the press/blogs go on about how it's a "maxi Mini" but it's not big at all. It's still quite mini (and a Mini) when you park it next to the (used to be small) crossovers like the RAV4 and CR-V, and isn't nearly so bland.

  2. It will be obsurdly expensive like all other Minis once optioned. No thanks. Trendy city-goers will have to have one to go with their Apple product and Starbucks cup though. Minis are a fashion accesory.

    Hank, the CR-V hasn't grown more than two inches in overall length since its inception 14 years ago.

  3. That front spoiler placed on the front bumper is crazy lookin. Never seen that on another car. Kinda cool. The front headlights are kinda trippy too. A cute Ute, mostly for chicks I'm expect.

  4. I think they are maxing out on the Mini. How many variations on it do we need? Is a pick-up next, or maybe a 7 seater? I still like the original version the best.

  5. Like Hank I was also not so sure about the styling until I saw it at NY auto show. It look much better than Clubman and it's just about the size of VW Golf is if not smaller. Tons of interior room too(for 4 and luggage)!
    Havn't said that I think it is over price when S-AWD is close to $30k.

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