More pictures of the 2011 Kia Sportage, on the road.

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In real life pictures, the all new Sportage still looks great.
This is one of the most modern looking small SUVs on the market, inside and out.

I was impressed with my 2 weeks in the Kia Forte a while ago. The 2.4 Liter is a great engine. Smooth quiet and powerful.
The Sportage should drive as good as it looks.

I will report more on it as soon as I drive one.

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  1. Based on looks, I'm really drawn to this Kia. If the quality is as good as it looks, this will most likely be my next car

  2. Looks much better than the new Tucson which is way too busy. My major concern with this one is how short it is between the C and D pillars – while it is aesthetically pleasing and well balanced, does it translate into a small cargo area? Hard to imagine it matching the CRV's 36 cu ft back there.

  3. such crap shouldnt be allowed in the i united states of america the guy ching hill sh should feed his own people before selling us crs like th that

  4. it's a beautiful design. I don't see anything generic about it at all.

    as far as Douchebag Jones idiotic comment goes, he must be thinking of NORTH Korea. South Korea is an ally of ours, and their people are quite well fed.

  5. "such crap shouldnt be allowed in the i united states of america the guy ching hill sh should feed his own people before selling us crs like th that"

    Hmm, sounds like someone is just stuck in the Kia sephia years. Hmm, tell me if they are crap, why have they broken a record for sales in May? Don't say because they are cheap because Saturn was considered cheap but they are dead.

  6. so what if Kia sold 31,431 cars in May….Honda sold 105,407, Toyota sold 140,597 cars and good grief Chevy sold 167,235 cars…Kia isn't exactly setting the world on fire.

  7. You still didn't answer my question. If they are crap why are there sales still increasing and globally with Hyundai/Kia they outsold Ford and is number 5 globally. And if they are crap why did the Forte just win an award from Edmunds? Why is the 2011 Kia Sorento top 5 best CUVS after the Rav-4 and before the CR-V? If they are crap why is it that there are over 14,000 orders to buy a 2011 Kia Optima? As for Toyota and Honda sales, they have nothing to do with my question.

  8. "so what if Kia sold 31,431 cars in May….Honda sold 105,407, Toyota sold 140,597 cars and good grief Chevy sold 167,235 cars…Kia isn't exactly setting the world on fire."

    Welll true but incase you didn't know Kia outsold a toyota for the first time with their 2011 Kia Sorento. Yes, for the first time in this year, Kia outsold the RAv-4. That should be a wake up call. The soul aready outsold the Cube another wake up call. The Forte is very close to outselling the Versa. Just wait until the 2011 Kia Optima, K7, Sportage, and K9 arrives. Will see when the 3rd generation Rio arrives. Well see when the Kia Ray arrives and the Soulster. Will see what happens when the new Van arrives. Well see what happens when the Optima Koup arrives. Well see then. Word of advice. get out of the Kia Sephia years. Those days well never come back. Too bad Mercury died after, Saturn, Pontiac and Hummer.

  9. Oh yeah, one more thing, the Kia Forte Koup is in some kind of rally race and the 2 Koups they used placed in top 10 after just their first four races. If they crap why did that happen? Why did the Kia Super Cee'd beat a BMW? Huh? Why is the Borrego's V8 engine more fuel efficent than a Tahoe Hybrd's on the highway? Why did the Hyundai Genesis easily take out the Pontiac G8? Why did the Genesis win car of the year? As the year go by you will still think of the Kia sephia years. It's ok though your opinion doesn't affect Kia.

  10. You know what else is funny June 3 10:25 am? I remember about a year ago Hyundai/Kia got bashed about copying until I brought other manufactuers' design to the kitchen table. After all, the Pilot's back end does look like the Scion XB.

  11. Whoa jtz – chill out. The guy wasn't speaking about your mom. 🙂

    P.S. My word verification is "extaci" !!!

  12. OH please, is the word "mom" in any of my senentences I don't think so. We are talking about Kia Motors. Not my mom. Why would I be talking about my mother to an anonymous person that I don't even know? This is an autoblog not a mother blog. And the new VW Polo looks like a cross between the Ford Focus and some Suzuki sedan. If it was a Kia people would have said that.

  13. "Junk" Oh yeah autoblog didn't think it was junk when they test drove it for a little while. Autoblog didn't think the 2011 Kia Optima was junk neither. Did you test drive it? Or are you stuck in the Kia sephia years as well? So is the Hyundai Equus Junk? Is the Genesis Junk? Is the K9 with the new Hyundai 4.0L V8 going to be junk? Huh? The real junk was Mercury and Saturn. If if cars from Korea is junk then I guess about half of chevy's line up is junk too right? Incase you for got the Equninox, Aveo and Cruze is Daewoo. Did you forget because the Chevy logo fooled you. I don't hear or see anyone going back bashing daewoo back in the Kia Sephia years. Daewoo sucked worse than Kia back then. If not why aren't they on sale as their own name then? If Hyundai/Kia is junk then why didn't the G8 win car of the year? Why is it dead?

  14. douchbag jones,
    you so funny it is unbelievable, i'm still laughing

    "CHING HILL should feed his own people"

    casey is right;
    "South Korea is an ally of ours", that means they are ally to YOU, DEAL WITH IT… 🙂

  15. Great looking car. Vince – any rumours on if Kia is going to make this thing a hybrid as well? Compete against the Escape?

    It baffles me that nobody has tried to enter the CUV market w/ a hybrid (excluding the Vue – which was a lite version – that got horendous REAL LIFE fuel economy).

    My next rig will be an escape hybrid…unless Chevy decides to release an Equinox Hybrid.

  16. i wouldn't say we're Kia salesmen. I'd say that we're not stuck in the past. We read current car magazines and online news like Burlapp. We keep up with current events, and believe it or not, this is not the 90s anymore. Kia and Hyundai are NOT the companies they used to be. Neither is GM and neither is Ford. The entire auto biz is on a positive roll, and being a huge car fanatic, i couldn't be happier.

    I like cars. I like cars from europe, from asia, from the USA. I like good cars, and it doesn't matter where they're from or who makes them. What i am NOT is a badge snob.

  17. Kia sold less total cars in May than Chevy sold Silverado's…that says a lot…most people are still smart enough to know owning a Kia doesn't exactly grant bragging rights at work or at home…does that mean there snobs? maybe, but part of buying a car is feeling proud about it and who wants to be seen driving a Kia?

  18. And Kia sold more Borregos back in Novemeber than Mitsubishi's entier line up. So what's your point? silverados alone outsold lexus, Inifnit, Suabaru, Mazda,. So what's your point?

  19. "maybe, but part of buying a car is feeling proud about it and who wants to be seen driving a Kia?"

    Is that why GM forced Daewoo to sell Cruze's not using the Daewoo badge anymore? As for the pick up truck topic, so what. The 2011 Kia Sorento out sold the Chevy Equinox. I guess people perfer a Silverado over the Equinox.

    Oh yeah, if you going to compare Kia's sales to a manufactuer that sales over 100,000 units lets remember this that didn't happen in just one day. Remember that. Mazda didn't do yet? Mitsubishi didn't do it? Suzuki didn't do it? Did Izuzu do it? Did Saturn do it? Did Scion do it? Huh? Don't want to be seen in a Kia so why is Kia outselling them? Apparenty over 130,000 custoemrs who purchased Kias this year does. Huh? and with Hyundai/Kia they sold over 80,000 units in the month of May. NOW What. That is less than 20,000 units shy of 100,000. Nissan watch out, Hyundai/Kia is right behind you. This is not the Kia Sephia years anymore. And even if it was my answere is still not answered. If Kia is crap why are there over 130,000 kias sold YTD?

  20. That's right since 1994 when Kia sold their Sephia. who would have known that years later, Kia would sell over 300,000 units in 2009? Who would have knonw that the Borrego V8 would be an outcome from that that Sephia? Who would have knonw that when the 2006 Kia Soul was unveiled years later it would outsell a Nissan model? Who would have knonw that when the 1st generation Kia Optima debuted in 2002, 8 years later it would be the a groundbreaker at the NY Auto show? Who would have known that when the 2002 Kia Optima debuted, 8 years later, Kia would receive 14,000 orders to own that car. Apparently those 14,000 orders are for customer who want to be seen in a Kia. Kia NEVER sold 14,000 Kia Optimas before. Kia never sold over 9,000 Kia Sorentos before. Kia never had a CUV that was No. 2 best selling CUV. Kia never had over 7,000 Kia Forte's sold before. Kia never had a the Soul outsell a nissan model almsot 12 months in a row. Kia never had the Optima have class leading horsepower. As for not wanting to be seen in a Kia, apparently the groundbreaking Optima conflicts with your commet. So you ran out of things to say negative about Kia and only logic you have is the Kia Sephia that has been died for over 10 years now. When the K9 arrives well see how it sells. When the k7 comes well see how it sells. When the next Sportage arrives well see how it sells. Well see if the 10,000 unit mark will be breached for the first time in Kia's history when selling cars in the states for the first time. Well see when the Optima LPI hyrid arrives and well see if it will outsell the Volt. Well see what happens when the Forte LPI arrives. Well see what happens whne Hyundai/Kia bring pick up trucks when the economy is better. Well see what happens then. Who would have known that the Kia Retona cruzier's bof WOULD one day become the Kia Borrego years down the line. That is where you are at back in the Kia Retona years when Kia was crap. That's so old.

  21. I should be salesman though I beleive I could increase sales by 3% or more. If Hyundai/Kia is crap, why does Mercedes want Hyundai to produce a 2.4L engine into their products. Why does Hyundai produce 2.4L engiens for MItsubishi and Chrysler? Huh? Task task task just stuck in the Kia Sephia years. To bad you can't see Kia taking over Saturn dealerships. You can't see that because you still think it's 1994.

  22. Over 130,000 people who equal a total YTD sales for Kia want to be seen in a Kia. that's who. 1994 Kia Sephia man.

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