More pictures of the 2011 Suzuki Swift

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A really nice looking car .

But for once, I do prefer the 5 door to the 3 door.
Proportions seem to be off in the 3 door version somehow.

Unlike the Fiesta which looks great either way, the Swift seems to be better with “all the doors”…

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  1. I hope they have the sense to bring this to the United States this time. It could be the car that "saves" Suzuki here.

  2. I sincerely hope the Swift makes it way to North America…this would be the PERFECT next car for me!

  3. ahh Hello this car is coming here just with a lot fatter rear bumper ! and yes it will save Suzukis ass bigtime and garner more sales for the new midsize zacushisai and whatever the hell its named, i generally dont buy things i cannot pronounce or make no sesnse ! and yes vince i agree the 5 door just looks right and the 3 door screams im single come spank me, unfortunately the 5 door screams im headed to toys r us .

  4. Absolutely true!This car is a perfect combination of comfort,style and speed.I m looking for a good small car to buy this year,I think this one is the best.

  5. The headlights reminds me of the Nissan Sentra or Toyota Prius. The interior reminds me of the Chevy Cruze (at least the panel). I don't like this not by a long shot. It looks outdated to me.

  6. I agree with Vince. The cut-line at the top of the doors on the three-door doesn't have resolution like it does on the five-door. Maybe it won't be as noticeable in person.

    Will it make it? Will Suzuki? Haven't seen a Kizashi on the road yet.

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