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The one we’re not getting here…

I think this interior puts the aging A3 to shame.
But at the same time, if the A1 looks that good, imagine what the next A3 interior will be like…

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  1. Ya i like it alot, but audi decided it would have to be way overpriced if they were to make any money on them in the states, if priced right id take this over a mini anyday ! but sigh back to reality and im waiting for the new KIA RIO 3 door hatchback there bringing out next year or so, the accent hatch will be no more due to the veloster.. lets hope the new rio has the cadenza-optima styling.

  2. I like the Fiat 500 much better. Has more personality. Even the Golf looks better than this. Not crazy about this interior, but I do like the nifty porta-potty between the rear seats.

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