More pictures of the new 2011 Suzuki Swift

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Again, an all new design. Even though it does look very similar to the current car.

Which is actually a good thing. The current mode was always a good looking small car.

This would be a very nice choice here against cars like the Hyundai Accent or the Nissan Versa.
In a much better looking package.

But the truth is, Suzuki isn’t even in the map of most buyers.
Most people have never heard of the brand to begin with.

What they need is advertising money. And lots of it….

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  1. They just need one big hit to rock there world and this could be it , they already got the sales and service all set up here, now they do need to hire an advertiser ! the american suzuki dealer really fucked up then they voted against the old swift for the usa it could have drawn alot of people into the dealers during our 4 buck a gallon crisis, the thing gets over 42 mpg usa. im quite sure the rear bumper will be enlarged alot for the usdm model, just hope it dont look too much like a versa.

  2. I really hope they make the nice sport version which was a lookers. The Swift is one cool little car. Thank you so much for sharing photos.

  3. Exterior looks good. Probably a great car, but little details need some work. The steering wheel looks like it fell out of a 90s Saturn with a few extra buttons.. Ugly.

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