More pictures of the new VW Polo sedan

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Some are now saying it will make it into the US lineup.
That is a lot of conservative looking sedans for VW, with this, the next Jetta and the new larger Passat replacement.

I wish they’d send us the cooler 3 and 5 door hatchbacks instead.

And good luck against the new Fiesta in the US…

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  1. Ya especially since the rear looks just like an aveo the old one !! the front looks like every other VW from a distance ( YAWN ) . this polo is soul less !

  2. Looks a little like a mid-2000s Euro Ford Focus in profile. Polo sedans have never been style-leaders, but its tidy enough in a no-nonsense way.

  3. Last night I was having a bout of insomnia. One look at this car and I was sleeping like a baby.

    THANKS VW (^_^)

  4. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

    A comment I usually reserve for Toyotas. I'll take the new Accent or Fiesta over this, at least they would be more reliable.

  5. I love VWs, but this is just old looking. They really need to do better than this. I know they can.

  6. Yeah Vince. Polo is confirmed for the US Market.

    Its the A1 that's not coming. Audi thinks America is not mature enough for a B-Segment Audi yet. Johan De Nysschen said gas need to be $5 a gallon here to justify the business case of bringing it over.

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