R.I.P: Mercury

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It is now official.

“Ford also will end production of Mercury vehicles in the fourth quarter of this year to fully devote its financial, product development, production and marketing, sales and service resources toward further growing its core Ford brand while enhancing the Lincoln brand.”

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  1. Hopefully this'll allow them to make Lincoln both a tier-1 luxury automaker as well as brand with a super-vast and somewhat niche focused brand.

  2. too bad what kind of a worl we ll live in where we see c amris avery where and mbeaufiful mercur y is kiilled

  3. very sad day. Mercury could have easily become the high-tech hybrid lineup for FoMoCo. Ford would be the basic everything for everyone brand, Mercury would be the high-tech and hybrid devision, pushing the technological envelope, and LIncoln would be luxury as always. I really think they blew this one.

  4. I don't know how much help this will be to Lincoln, Ford could have not put any less effort into Mercury as far as product assortment or marketing. I wonder how many people actually worked for the Mercury brand anyway? It's a shame, 72 year heritage and reputation down the drain. R.I.P. Mercury, I will remember your glory days.

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