Still driving the Taurus…

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And so far, liking it very much.

Some small observations:

-It does look great, people do notice.
-Yet haven’t seen another one since I started driving it.
-Excellent ride.
-Very quiet.
-Great Sony stereo.
-Quite a pleasure to drive every day.

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  1. The car seems VERY BIG, almost a replacement for the the Crown Vic not the taurus. I do think the new police cars are based upon this car.

  2. Surprising you don't see many, Vince.

    I see a lot in the Northern VA area and a handful of SHOs as well!!!

  3. You won't see many American cars in California because Asian models are still "TRENDY" there–even with Toyota's 10-year rash of bad brakes, unintended acceleration, and hit-N-miss wireing issues. But if a car with the style, safety, comfort & reliability of this new Tarus had a Honda or Toyota label on it–you'ld have enough sales in California to make it a #1 seller nation-wide. But since we are all such ignorant & stubborn creatures of habbit; it will take 20 years of perfection for Ford to get (sales) ahead of the Asians. So far they've only had superior reliability & quality for about 5 years on only 1/2-2/3 of their models.

  4. Dude…what california are you talking about?!? The one I go to in the USA has the same representation of cars as any other state / province.

    As for the Toyota comments – remember, that Ford (rollover explorer), GM (imploding V6's due to coolant leaks) and Chrysler (seats coming out of the back of minivans) – have ALL had their share of embarrasments over the years. Further – the the crap that all the the domestics have put out over the last two decades – I'm shocked that they're doing as well as they are right now; which by the way is well deserved – as their cars really have dramatically improved (ex Chrysler – as there isn't a new product out yet)

  5. I sat in this car and the first thing I noticed is how high the center console is and how high the door seem. It felt like I was sitting in a casket and sort of claustrophobic. This seems to be a trend with some car designers. What did you think Vince?

    "Dude…what california are you talking about?!? The one I go to in the USA has the same representation of cars as any other state / province."

    OBVIOUSLY you don't get out of Calif. too often. Spend more time in Toronto, Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Norfolk, and Small towns in the Midwest & Canada & Mexico. You'll see more Fords than a lifetime in California will show you. And Cadillacs, Hyundais, Dodges, GMC's Jeeps, Lincolns, Buicks, Rams, and assorted others that wouldn't be "politically correct" in California.

    Drive a Tarus & Camry & Accord back-to-back. Ford is the clear leader across-the-board; right now. Ford's PR/Marketing on the other hand….

  7. I thought it was a joke when the commercial compared it to an A6. But now that I've seen one in person and driven one a short distance, I do think that it can easily be compared to cars costing twenty thousand dollars more.

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