2011 Audi A7

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After all these years of seeing spy pictures, this is the real thing.

And basically, a hatchback version of the next A6.

A very good looking car, but we’ve seen it so much already.
And it looks very similar to the hatchback version of the A5. (Which I have seen in Europe and looks quire amazing in the flesh)

Unlike the A5 hatch, the A7 will be sold in the US.

My guess is that it will be priced above the regular A6.
Not cheap….

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  1. Well one thing's for certain…

    It sure looks less bloated/ridiculous than Porsche's Panamera, and far more elegant/cohesive than (what we've seen of) Mercedes' 2011 CLS.

    Unfortunately, Audi pricing has been completely out-of-control lately, and the depreciation of their premium sedans is so horrendous that this might be a difficult sell.

    We'll See…

  2. the amount of BMW element in on the dash is overwhelming. what happened to the audi's driver-centric L-shaped layout

  3. this looks sort of like a ford mondeo hatchback… or a opel isignia hatchback.

    this isnt a coupe more like a "sedan hatchback". also, the car doesnt look sporty…

  4. Unfortunately pricing is expected to be about $60K and it does look more bloated than the $40K A5 sportback.

    Audi should bring instead the A5 sportback here. Better FE and less bulky looking.

  5. I like it. It reminds me of a better looking Infinti M sedan mixed with the 2002 Subaru Legacy's green house. I too don't see a coupe like appearance. This is nice though. To me at least.

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