2011 BMW X3

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More pictures of the all new X3.
Which appears to look pretty nice.
Especially the interior.

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  1. They messed up on tha headlights…again! At least they didnt mess them up as bad as tha first one — which I see cld make or break a model. But tha interior, yes, nice…real nicccce!!! ,->

  2. BMW aren't exactly pushing the limits of automotive design here, are they?

    What a tired, lame, tedious little box this is.

  3. I just love it, but those front headlights are giving me this Audi feel that I'm not certain bmw was asking for.

  4. The second picture from the top looks very close to the profile of he second generation Hyundai Santa Fe.

    Also the interior is very Hyundai, of course with better materials.

    Agree with you…much better than the current X3…

  5. It's certainly an improvement, but the front-end still looks disproportionately long and flat, the taillights look inspired by better Asian designs, and the interior is dull as dirt.

  6. I think it's pretty much exactly what most of us were expecting. It's just an evolved version of the current design really. Which is fine, because it seems to work for this and most BMWs. I just hope they've improved the quality of materials and the ride.

  7. Not doing it for me…it almost looks like a Chinese knock-off with the drooping character lines and the tortured front end. It is especially dissapointing after seeing the new 5 and 7 series which to my eyes are both very clean looking.

    Saying it's better than the current X3 is faint praise indeed!

  8. A very nice interior and an overly complicated front end that reminds me of the (unfortunate) styling of some Japanese cars.

    Btw, why should a car like this (i.e., a mommy/familymobile) have a tach that's equal in size and prominence to the speedometer? This is a pet peeve of mine, along w/ speedometers that go up to 140 or 160 mph. It's a facade of sportiness that makes the car less practical. In typical driving you'll never hit the 2nd half of the speedometer, so the markings are cramped and not as legible as they could be. I miss the big old speedometer that took up most of the IP, and only went up to 85 mph, in the Buick station wagon I learned to drive on.

  9. dash looks like a cheap knock-off of the Lincoln MKT. Door panels are a cheap knock-off of the chrysler Pacifica. They cleaned up the front and sides (aside from the strange new double HZ line at the rear door handles). Back is change for the sake of change. Overall; i think it's more just different than it is better. Considering how well-designed the 7, 5, & 3 have come to be– I was really expecting a LOT more! …so I guess I'll buy the 2011 Grand Cherokee instead!

  10. What a missed opportunity and why would anyone buy this over an Audi Q5. BTW, I own a BMW 3 series, but even with my affection for BMW's in general, this one, visually, just doesn't make sense.

  11. Man it must really suck that poor BMW has to make changes yet keep the same BMW signature design all around. Nothing striking from BMW is quite some time. They are nice but…. "yawn" they appear kind of boring.

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