2011 Chevrolet Aveo

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We have seen the concept before, as well as “leaked’ images.
So these pictures don’t show any big surprises.

The next Aveo seems to be a good looking little car, in both hatchback and sedan form.
Will be competing directly with the new Ford Fiesta in the US. But will probably be quite a bit cheaper.

And will make life even harder than it is for the Toyota Yaris…

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  1. Why would this thing make life harder for the Yaris? I seem to remember people saying the same thing about the current Aveo. It's junk. The Toyota might be boring, basic transportation but at least it's not junk. In fact, this looks pretty boring and basic as well. Toyota might fear the Fit, the Fiesta, the Mazda2, or even the Accent. But this? Chance not.

  2. What the hell happened to the concept that was rolled out a few months back. Talk about making it bland. The concept was really cool and would have competed well. This is just a smaller version of the ugly cruze.

  3. No offense to GM fans but why even show this even if it is a Lancer rip off? Didn't Chevy already learn from the 3 year old Cruze? Oh wait they didn't because it still isn't on sale yet… or is it? So now we are going to be seeing this for 3 years like the Cruze and Volt. The volt has aged too.

  4. GMs marketing is all about over-hyping the future models. So when they finally do come out, all it turns out to be is a major anti-climax.

  5. If the headlight and taillight were smaller. Right now, they seem too big for such a small compact car.

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