2011 Ford Explorer

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Not such a big surprise after seeing so many spy pics for so long.

Finally, a modern Explorer.
Gone is the old “trucky truck”, with that 70’s wagon driving experience.

It now looks like a cross between the Flex and the next Focus.

Big news also come from the engines.
No more V8.

The standard engine is now the modern 3.5 Liter V6, also used in the Taurus. With 262hp.
A new 2.0 Liter Turbo with 237hp is an option.
In this engine, maximum torque of 250 pound-feet is available at 1750 RPM. Which is pretty much right away.

Now that most people are getting out of their SUV,s is it too late for the Explorer?
Or could they repeat the success of the 1st one?

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  1. overall nice – –

    but, just like the Taurus, the promise made by the beautifully sleek and sculpted front end is not delivered through by the clunky heavy looking rear.

    I think the equinox has balanced this best so far.

  2. An Extremely Successful Evolution…

    It's obvious that truck-based UTs sales are waning, so FORD's decision to make the Explorer a direct competitor to the car-like/highly desirable GM Lamda family was a wise one.

    Overall the entire vehicle appears masculine and aesthetically cohesive, with a truly luxurious looking interior and state-of-the-art powertrain options.

    It's a package that easily serves as a wonderful sibling to the equally well-wrought Taurus.

  3. Vince said:
    It now looks like a cross between the Flex and the next Focus.

    I couldn't disagree more

    The Explorer looks like the TAURUS…
    with a touch of LandRover and Edge

  4. I gotta say, I think it looks great, inside and out. As usual though, Ford can't do a front airdam to save their lives but on second thought, they may have made it like this so that when off-roading, if you bang it up, it may be more durable and cheaper to replace. Ford should'nt even bother with the normally aspirated 3.5. They should have the di2.0t as the base, the 305hp 3.7 as the mid level and the di3.5tt as the high end engines. I don't think this thing is going to be any good on gas though with the exception of the di2.0t. It's just going to be too heavy.

    Yeah, I think they are going to sell a lot of these.

  5. I'd give the Explorer a chance after all its no longer bof and it is very styslish yet not to busy. I give this design 5/5. Yes sir I sure do. This is one heck of a design. I knew it would look good. Wayy better than any Toyota 4Runner. So what if it doesn't have a V8 anymore. This is one heck of a design I tell you.

  6. Dav,

    Does Ford have any job openings? I'm pretty sure that with the right salary I too could write "a truly luxurious looking interior" and "wonderful sibling to the equally well-wrought Taurus". However, believing it is another matter.

    With that said, the Explorer ain't bad…but with everything else out there, who cares!

  7. AHEM…..The ass of the Taurus is awesome!

    This is going to be another win for Ford…most SUV owners will see the improvements in fuel economy, appearance, ride, noise and realize it fits their bill. a 5K towing capacity??? That's at least a 25foot boat.

    That is all.

  8. I agree with Anonymous 1:36pm in that the ass of the Taurus is awesome! Every time I see one I can't help but be captivated as it drives by. It has a look of power yet it's sleek too and has the flanks, roofline and tailamps from some cool Galaxie's of the 60's and 70's.
    This new Explorer has the same athletic, powerful stance and the lines will remain stylish for many years.
    Ford has one more challenge and I think their new team is up for the task…bring back a TBird as exciting as the first so we can all forget about that mistake from 9 years ago.

  9. If someone would have said 15 years ago "You know, the Explorer and Taurus will be heavily related someday" they would have gotten shot!

    This is one snazzy ride. This really IS just the new Taurus (X) Wagon, but the Explorer name is more powerful (in otherwords the buying public that is so easily swayed), so it makes more sense. But WE know the truth.

    Brand/name recognition is more powerful than ever these days (at least with it comes to cars). Honda could flip a Yugo upside down and slap the "Accord Crosstour-Light" name on it, and as long as it lasted 200,000 miles it would sell like hot cakes.

  10. So….the less powerful 4 cyl version costs more…why? And will it take 5+ years of ownership to make it "worth" it?

  11. Okay. I do like this. And I do not like SUVs. Too soon to speak about interior quality, but he interior design blows away anything by Toyota or Honda. Although it would be nice if Ford could manage to design a decent glove box latch that doesn't look like the same one that my parents had in their Thunderbird from the 80s. Nitpicking, I know. The Sony sound system is a good partnership.

  12. I think this is a (yet another) fantastic product from Ford. Like Hyundai, Ford is on a roll with their vehicles lately.

    I would love to have a new Explorer.

    I recently heard a great statistic about the durability and reliability of the Explorer. Ford has sold SIX million Explorers, out of all six million sold, FOUR million are still on the roads today. That is incredible.

    "Fusion Sport said…

    So….the less powerful 4 cyl version costs more…why? And will it take 5+ years of ownership to make it "worth" it?

    July 26, 2010 7:21 PM"

    Why is it more? Because it is more complicated, offers more torque at lower RPMs, and acheives 26 MPG which is very impressive given this vehicles size.

  13. Why buy this over a Flex??? I have looked at the Flex, Enclave, FourRunner, Pilot, Nitro & 2011 Grand Cherokee. The Flex seems like the most "bang for the buck" but the Cherokee clearly wins highest quality feel and also most capable OFF road. Suprisingly; it also was the quietest (with Buick a very close second) and had the smoothest ride (with Flex a close second). I think the new Explorer slots between the Jeep & the Flex but is oveall less appealing than either. Not sure why they made it.

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