2011 Hyundai Elantra/Avante video

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Looks like they are just trying to park the car.
But it does look really good in real life, it seems.

The mild and boring refresh for the 2011 Corolla seems like a joke compare to this and the new Focus.

I just wonder what Honda is preparing for the next Civic…

PS: Turn off the sound when you watch the video and avoid the assy soundtrack.

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  1. Someone on here can probably translate the Korean but it sure looks like they're testing a Park-Assist system. With the added content to all new Hyundai's I wouldn't doubt that it has one available.
    I've have never witnessed so many of a brand-new vehicle appear so quickly on the road as I have when the new Sonata went on sale several months ago. It has an eye-catching "snazzy" look that belies its pedestrian purpose. I predict than when this new "Elantra" goes on sale in the States it will sell even better. I've seen a lot of new vehicles in this class but this is by far the most incredible-looking of all. I should have bought Hyundai stock 5 years ago!

  2. It's definitely a sharp looking thing, but the ride and handling will have to have improved dramatically before I would even consider it. The current one is awful to drive and a horrible place to spend time in. Looks are only skin deep.

  3. This looks very stylish and clearly superior to the old fashioned, frumpy faced, Corolla.

    More and more auto consumers are beginning to log Hyundai on their shopping list because they can see with their own eyes that this car maker is building cars that look as good as they drive.

  4. Korean shown in that clip has nothing to do with explaining SPAS(Smart Parking Assist System). This system is pretty much same with what Lexus LS and Prius(Jap. Version) has. Basically, it automatically controls steering wheel and do the fine parking. Driver only need to control accel and brake.

    This post-Elantra will be introduced to US by late-2010 or early-2011. Expect official new from Hyundai USA anytime soon.

  5. If most Hyundais looked as good as they drove, they'd look like ass. Well, some of them already do. Just not this one.

  6. This car looks great! I have to see if there are any pics of the interior. I think I read that it's goiing to have a d.i. 4 cyl and I THINK a 6 spd auto and manual.

  7. To Anonymous who saith, "Dude, you must be a huge fan of Hyundai and Ford…"
    -if you are so blind to not see that absolutely every manufacturer that sells cars in the US has absolutely EXCELLENT vehicles coming to market. To discount Ford or Hyundai or ANY make simply by name is myopic and ignorant. Have you driven a new Fusion or Sonata or Kizashi or LaCrosse or CTS or Camaro? Sheet metal is simply a matter of taste so bless us all that there's a look for everyone. Engineering is what counts and every manufacturer has stepped up to the plate with solid, safe vehicles in every price point and class. If you dislike Ford or Hyundai simply because of the name I wonder what you think of people who don't look or live exactly like you. Open your mind…it's a much more invigorating world when you do.

  8. Hyundai and Kia is some amazing car manufactuers. Who would have known that when the Hyundai, Sonata first arrived in the states, it would evolve into this? Who would have known that back in the 80's and early 90's, that their quailty would be well above adverage? Who would have known that one day they would make their own Hybrids and not borrow it from Toyota like Mazda is doing by 2013? Who would have known that when the accent first arrived in 2002, it would evolve to allow people to assume it would be a serious promising car as well as the Elantra?

  9. This car went from having the frumpiest nose and character lines on its sides, to being quite sexy ! in such a small amount of time it seems like the current car just came out a couple years ago, much to my dismay cause that car is one ugly duckling lol. Test drove a couple of them and the interior is ok and the handling was semi ok, and if ya got a big discount on it, that would be ok !

  10. Found a video showing the cluster gauge.  Looks pretty nice and I like the digital display.


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