2011 Toyota Yaris

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There is a new front end coming to the Yaris next year.
At least in China.

Not sure yet if the revised model will end up in other markets.
Seems to me the Yaris is almost due for a new model, not just a new front end.

Plus, all this chrome makes it actually look older. Not as modern as the current model.

It’s just a bit weird, And more conservative…

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  1. Vince, nobody cares what you think. If you honestly want to run a professional site, don't offer your opinion. Go ahead and block this comment…..i'll start my own blog.

  2. Dear Colin,

    There are so many different things wrong with your comment. Aside from your hypocrisy, I'd just like to point out that people can decide for themselves which blogs they want to read. I personally alternate between informative sites, like Autoblog, and opinionated sites, like this one.
    Now, I'm not attacking you — as I can sympathize with your motive, but haven't you ever considered that maybe Vince doesn't want a 'professional' site?
    Back to the hypocrisy part, now why should we care about your opinion? What makes it more valuable than Vince's?

  3. I believe the above might actually be another Yaris-knock off by a Chinese automaker. Great Wall has already done their version.

    Colin, any reason why we should care about what you think? Pass…


  4. Actually Colin, many people care what Vince thinks. See all the comments posted ever since he started this blog.

  5. They will sell this in China for a While. The New Yaris will be launched Globally soon, and trust me its more typical continued Toyota design laziness.

    They sell 2 generations of Yarises side by side in China.

    Vince, The Chinese like Chrome, and so do I but on this horrid Bumper add on HELL NO!!!

    The Chinese actually want a car to look richer than what it is. That's why Hyundai sells like hotcakes over there compared to America.

    That's why cars that look plain, dull, cheap, and boring in the US look sweet as hell in their Chinese versions.

    China is setting the pace for all car design. Many of Hyundai/KIAs new designs were tested in China to pick the best ones for example.

    The La Crosse was designed in China.

    Soon enough everything will be designed by Chinese, as American Design tastes have become well… simply outdated and dry.

    Im Tired of seeing $70,000 sedans that look as cheap as an $18,000 Sedan. Im tired of Seeing $14K Small cars that look like $9K cars.

  6. Colin is just another of many Toyota shills that they pay to write pro-Toyota comments and to attack anti-Toyota comments. Ignore him.

    I don't always agree with Vince's opinion. But I do in this instance.

  7. Anon-LOL. Colin needs to loosen up and have a few brews. If you don't like the blog don't read it. Keep up the good work, Vince. I enjoy reading your blog.

  8. anonymous July 3, 2010 3:33 PM
    where did yuo get idea that colin is pro-toyota??? if yuo think he is, then yuo havent seen a brand-freak

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