2011 Volvo V60

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This has to be Volvo’s sleekest wagon ever.
It does look great.

But it really could use one of these glass panel roof instead of this old fashion small sunroof.
Top engine in Europe will be a 3.0 Liter Turbo with 304hp.

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  1. It should definitely have gotten the panoramic slide/tilt sunroof available on the XC60.

    Otherwise, it looks nice despite a small trunk.

  2. Looks good. Though not sure we'll see it in the US and if it might even be more expensive than the new S60 (40K+?).

  3. Great-looking car, but I'm mentally superimposing a 240-series wagon on it and mourning the loss of the uber-practical Volvo box.

    Perhaps they should make this in two body styles – "lifestyle" (the swoopy one) and "real world" (square-rigged, for hauling stuff)…

  4. Agree w/ Gromit.

    I want a long, rectangular box, with lots of space for passengers and cargo.

    Also, and perhaps this has to do w/ the styling exaggerations seem in illustrations, the beltline looks too high (low visibility) and the tires too high profile (bumpy ride and blowouts).

    Who is really looking for a sleek wagon, anyway?

  5. Naturally, Volvo decided to stop sending wagons to the US right before introducing this stunner! It's a shame.. because unlike the S60 sedan, nobody will mistake this for a Civic!

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