2011 VW Passat

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This still looks like an illustration.
But the real thing won’t be too far from this.

In the US, the Passat is supposed to be replaced by the roomier and cheaper new mid sized sedan.
A “VW made here, just for us”.

We’ll see what that looks like….

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  1. From what I have read about the new cheaper Jetta, the cost cutting really cheapens the car, in terms of quality. In other words, you get what you pay for. I take it this picture is the German made Passat. Not very inspiring.

  2. Way too similar to the recently announced Jetta.

    What are they trying to do… follow the ridiculously boring precedent set by BMW with the current 3/5/7 Series – YUCK!

    Show Some Darned Variety Already!

  3. I would like the next Passat and the next CC to be the same car. The CC is f-ing beautiful!

    This looks okay. But I don't like the idea of "US only"

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