2011/12 Hyundai ???

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The logos say Hyundai.
But the design doesn’t match the recently unveiled new Elantra or Accent.
This looks to be its own model.
Maybe the new i10 or i20 for overseas ?

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  1. Actually it's a mockup model of a low-cost Hyundai hatchback for developing countries. It will also feature a sedan version, later on.

    The Brazilian press reports that Hyundai intends to make a car that costs as much as a VW Gol, but has the same quality of a Honda Fit.

  2. Why does that rear remind me of a Lexus CT200h?
    Anyways, it looks pretty good overall… not liking hyundai's new melted, extra-swoopy headlamps though.

  3. The front end looks great, but the rear looks as if it's been lifted off a Lexus Ct and the profile is that of a Mazda 2 with a hint of Yaris.

  4. This is called HB, based on ix-Metro concept introduced in 2009. HB is CUV version of i20(sizewise) and will be brother of ix35(tucson).
    HB is considered as the very first model built in Brazil plant which will be built by 2012.

  5. Exactly Terry. Ill explain further, this according to my Sources is an ix20=i20 Crossover. This slots between i20 and Accent.

    This is not the Accent Hatch. The Accent hatch is bigger and about the size of the MK6=New Golf.


    The KIA Venga is not a van, will you Europeans stop calling it that, but you're correct. This is the mysterious im20 spotted in many spy shots.

  6. Scratch that,

    This is not the ix20, after careful observation of spy shots and the prototype=no dice.

  7. Hyundaismoke are you telling me they are arriveing with something a complete new model? Now that is amazing just freaking amazing. I tell you this thing, although not in the same segment, puts the new Corolla to shame. This is one heck of a design I tell you one heck of a design. Just like that new Nissan Quest.

  8. This Hyundai is the new HB. One project exclusive for latin america, is a low cust model, but quality is the priority off Hyundai in this project.

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