All new Peugeot 508

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It doesn’t look more modern than the current 407.
It actually looks much more conservative.
Sure, it also replace the larger 607.

This hardly qualifies as a modern design for 2010.
Looking older than even the most conservative work from Germany…

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  1. Design is a matter of taste.
    M o d e r n is not a sign of good design or bad design.
    A car is defined as the sum of its features, looks and strength like creature comfort.
    If you think the new Volvo 60 looks great than the Peugeot is at least as good looking but definetly more harmonious looking – at least on pictures. This Peugeot is based on the Citroen C 5 which is awkward from certain angles but as a package pretty attractive. At least on pictures the Peugeot looks better. Talking about quality: No French car is a match for any of the Germans today. So do not be jealous – you cannot get them in the States anyway, modern or not.

  2. I like the front. the headlights are nice and pleasing to the eye. But that 2004 Infinti G sedan greenhouse is so played out.

  3. I think it looks much better than the weird looking 407. It looks sharp and fluid. But there's one negative thing: I can't see a Peugeot there. The sedan looks more like a BMW.

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