Another “Next Golf” illustration

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Everything so far seems to basically show a pointier version of the current design.
We’ll see within a couple of years what the real thing looks like.

It might be close. Everything at VW seems a bit more angular lately. Including the 2012 Beetle…

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  1. Notice that there were 12 comments about the Hyundai Elantra above this and there was only one comment about the Golf at 11:48pm when I wrote this. What does that tell you? That only one person cared enough about this design to comment (a negative comment mind you). I think it is a bland design much like the new Jetta which isn't going to offend anyone, but it won't arouse anyone either. I personally have Volkswagen after owning one, and hope that these cars will not advance the company in any way.

  2. Hey Mark- do you actually own a Volkswagen, and if so do you have it serviced and repaired at a VW dealership?

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