Buick GL8 Minivan

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So far, the GL8 is for the Chinese market only.
But that’s what they used to say about the Regal when it first came out.

And the top picture was taken in the US…

It looks pretty much inline with the recent offerings from Toyota and Honda.

Should Buick get back into the Minivan market over here?

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  1. If they do get back into the minivan game, they've GOTTA do it right…..keeping in mind it can't be too expensive. I don't know what they should do…..it's dangerous territory as a lot of people who buy minivans are deadset on Honda's and Toyota's. At least that's what I see around here in northern Virginia. Personnally, I have NO doubt that Buick would put out a quality piece with lots of doodads, I'm just not sure that Americans will go for it. The minivan stigma is still out there. The domestic US manufacturers have had their @$$e$ handed to them for taking this gamble in the past, especially with suv's popularity in the past and crossovers gaining popularity now. I think people looking at these figure that if they are going to put $30k – $40k on one of these that they want the resale value to be high for trade in or sales later. If anybody could do it I think Buick could but I just don't know.

  2. "Should Buick get back into the Minivan market over here?"

    Absolutely Not!

    Buick should focus solely on providing premium/world-class/sporting offerings for those who have either grown tired of the boredom that has become the JapaEuro standard-fare, or finally realized that buying American can be a very good thing indeed.

  3. Okay.

    It's looking good. Bring it over here and slap a Chevy badge on it and call it a day.


  4. Sorry, only the Town and Country can be a Town and Country.

    The Sienna/Odessey/Sedona/Caravan subcultures/crowds will boo it away. Even if it's a 100% improvement over the Terraza. That and it would die because of the Enclave.

    GM has it's new breed of Minivans over here, they are called the Traverse, Acadia, Enclave, Outlook, and (soon to be) Escalade.

  5. I hate minivans, and this is just another one. Why is it that all of these geeky vans have the same phallic looking shifter coming straight out of the dash? Is it something to keep all the sex deprived pear-shaped mommies satisfied? This can stay in China. And they can take our supply of ugly Siennas, Caravans and Odysseys also.

  6. "good for American soccer moms who are shaped more like soccer balls."

    Mabey that's why Toyota is still selling a few '11 Siennas; that framilar "rolls of rolling fat melting over one another in layers" look of the Sierra is comforting to Soccer moms in the "400lbs's+++ club". But since the crisp lines of the '08 Chrysler T&C outsell Sienna there must be more people buying minivans than just fat soccar moms.
    I like the dash of this GM minivan. It's more attractive than Sienna, new Oddessy, Routan or (base-level) Dodge. Only the Town & Country has a nicer dash (I'm a big fan of wood & stainless trim).

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