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I love the hatchback design. But where is the glass roof?

And does it really need that much wood inside?
I thought Audis were a bit more subtle than that.
This is almost vulgar…

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  1. I love the back of this car. I too love the hatchback. Question…I love hatchbacks but if Americans hate hatchbacks, then why, all of the sudden are all these high end cars coming to the USA with hatchbacks? This Audi, Panamera, the BMW hatch, Honda Crosstour (not high end). I would LOVE to buy a Buick Regal GS hatchback but I'm sure that version of the car will never make it here to the USA! WTF?

  2. I wondering if the reason why some aren't as thrilled about Audi's designs is because so many other manufactuers have used the Audi grille so many times that poor Audis now just looks so aged. Like the Lancer, Tundra, next Aveo, Chevy Malibu, Caddilac CTS and more. Out of all the simular grilles though, Audi does it the best. I like this design.

  3. The wood is optional at least in Europe. Standard is metallic. Not sure what US will get though and I'm sure it won't be cheap ($60K?)since it isn't either in Europe ($52K and no leather, …)

  4. Audi lost me as a customer after
    the horrendous repairs of my A4. I love its designs, but the time is ripe for a Huyndai style warranty. Only then I will consider it again.

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