More pictures of the new Peugeot 508

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Still very underwhelming.
Seems that pretty much everything looks better.
The new Saab 9-5, and even the Kia K7.

Even in the US we now have much better looking large sedans, like the Taurus.

As usual, the “big Peugeot” will only be a car for the brand faithfuls.
I cannot see this picking up sales from other manufacturers…

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  1. I'm not quite sure what your problem with this car is. It's a pretty thing with flowing lines. Next to this, the Taurus looks bland, the Sonata sloppy, and the Optima disjointed. If this came out with a Korean badge on the front, everyone would be praising it for how fresh and modern it looks.

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  3. The new Taurus may be highly regarded in the US, but it's design is considered a joke around the world. This new Peugeot design language is, so far, being quite well received.

  4. I'm not not a fan of Peugeot styling, but I think this is not bad. Not very original, but not bad either. I find the styling of the rear end has a clever touch, with the trunk lid, light clusters and bumper all coinciding at the same clean cut line.
    And about the Taurus, I am European, and I think it looks great. I don't understand why you guys diss it so much.

  5. " If this came out with a Korean badge on the front, everyone would be praising it for how fresh and modern it looks."

    Not true. Otherwise what would I JTZ be doing on here getting car designs from Acuras to Volvoos and not just Koreans. Like the mazda Tribute's headlights coming from the Ridgeline's.

  6. I also think this is a very good looking car. It's understated and elegant without being boring. I wish we had them in the US.

  7. Just because it's not a Ford or a Hyundai doesn't mean it is ugly.

    As much as I like the Taurus, I don't think it looks better than this.

  8. aren large sedans supposed to be boring? i think so unless you dont want to sell a lot. they have to be conservative looking.

  9. Jelly beans. Whatever happened to longer, lower, wider? Don't change the dimensions, just make them look that way!

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